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I am so glad to get this started. Where do I begin? I have a lot of things to go in terms of explaining what this is all about. I am proba...

I am so glad to get this started. Where do I begin? I have a lot of things to go in terms of explaining what this is all about.

I am probably what you would call someone with a midlife crisis that started early on. I have had a very comfortable life so far. Nerdy in school, got into a decent college, started working right after it, and have been working since then. For 12 straight years in fact. I have a condo all payed for back home, I have enough cash to last me a while, a stable job, and a rhythmic smooth life. Before I bore you any more with more random details, this is a close up shot of how I look

When in México, wear a local helmet!

As a side note, this is probably the most presentable I have been in a very long time. Anyway, back to the topic on hand. I have what most people would consider to be a comfortable job. And at a very financially stable place. I am not trying to brag here, but if you look at the median income of the average human being, I am very well off. No, I am not rich by any means, but I am content with where I am financially. That brings me to the other part of this puzzle. I feel like I have been stuck in this endless churn of life. Everyday has been the same old routine. Wake up, go to work, come back from work, read some worthless crap on advrider, read all my rss feeds, watch the odd motogp game during the weekend, go on a motorcycle ride during some other weekend, and get drunk every one in a while. It's gone from something that I used to enjoy to an endless series of routines that I can't break free of. At first I just brushed it aside, but like everyone stuck with no purpose in life, I have eventually come to the realization that I have to move on. This can't go on forever, and I have already stretched the limits of how much I can do this.

So I am in my mid thirties, but mid life crisis has set in early. Oh well. I guess since I don't have kids, or a stable relationship at the moment, I guess it contributes to the process. There is research that suggests that people who live the longest are in a committed relationship. By that definition, I'll die in my forties. And again, by that definition, I am in my mid life right now. No better time to get into panic mode.

This brings me to my quest at hand. The most fun I have had over the last several years was when I was on motorcycle trips. The best ones were the 3000k km+ ones spanning weeks. I used to feel alive, enjoy the different cultures, and the different places that I have been on. This is where I plan to go back to. I am going home to friends and family. I am in California, the rest are in south India. It's a long way from here, and the only way to do it is to ride down all till there, striking off every continent from my bucket list. And there is no better time than now. My visa expires in 2 years, I have no long term commitments in america, I am in good health right now, and I have the beloved motorcycle that I want to take on this journey. What am I waiting for? Let's get to that in the next post.

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